Breakfast Club

We are strong believers in the Morning Meal Matters, as we know that eating a healthy breakfast kicks starts our day with enhanced attention and memory, improved academic performance and a greater positive engagement.

Our Breakfast Club opens at 7:45am and runs to 8:30pm, serving a range of cereals and toast, milk and juice. Following breakfast, there are number of activities that are offered – from dancing to board games, from coding to sports, from drama to wordsearches. Our activities are rotated, so that a variety of opportunities are provided throughout the week.

The cost of Breakfast Club is £2 a day, which is paid through the online app, Parent Pay.

After School Clubs

UEFA Disney Playmakers
In partnership with the Football Association of Wales, we deliver this initiative to support the growth of girls’ football opportunities at earlier ages. Whilst re-creating their favourite Disney storylines, UEFA Disney Playmakers allows girls the opportunity to give football a go, in a fun, relaxed and positive learning environment. On their UEFA Disney Playmakers journey our younger girls will have the opportunity to enjoy and recreate Incredibles 2, Frozen 2 and Moana.

Calling all those digital-wizards, our coding club opens up a digital world of creativity. Just like learning a new language, an understanding of coding teaches our learners a digital language, which enables them to communicate with computer software. Coding develops the skills of creativity, problem-solving and project management, alongside enhancing the technical skills of our modern learners.

Arts and Crafts
Creativity comes to the fore here, where the freedom to express ourselves is fostered. Taking part in a variety of activities nurtures the imagination of our learners, alongside supporting the development of fine and gross motor skills. Our varied projects enable our learners to explore as individuals, team-up with a partner, or collaborate in groups, as they are supported to develop both their sense of uniqueness and their collaborative skills.

Folk Dancing
Our pride in our Welsh heritage steps onto the main stage during this joyful, toe-tapping time for learning and performing traditional folk dances. In memorising particular dance sequences and movements, our learners are supported to develop their decision-making skills, whilst encouraging a detail-orientated approach to learning – this all spills over into the classroom, as it improves the mental skills, spatial recognition and long-term memory of any dancer.

Disco Dancing
Time to slip the dancing shoes on, feel the beat and get moving. Working together to choreograph set pieces, our learners are enabled to utilise their imagination, bringing their creative ideas to life, alongside developing the skills of negotiation and compromise. Exploring themselves through dance, supports our learners to develop a better understanding of themselves, both physically and mentally, alongside a more empathetic understanding of others and the world around them.

Taking on the role of being the general of an army, the destiny of your soldiers is in your own hands in this exciting board game that never gets boring, as no one game can ever repeat itself. Strategical planning brings many benefits to our learners, including promoting their concentration skills, inspiring their self-motivation and developing their capability to predict and foresee consequences of actions.

The sky is the limit in this quest for designing, building and appreciating our very own constructions – be it marble runs, lego creations or den building. In feeding into our passion for a sense of adventure, our learners are able to develop their problem-solving skills, as they work collaboratively within a team, fostering a positive growth mind-set as they enjoy the freedom which comes with imaginative role-play.

Holiday Camps

During every day of the school holidays, we are privileged to host Activ8Kids, a fun-filled Multi-Sports Camp that focuses upon taking part, developing skills and making friends.

Activities on offer include – Athletics, Kwik Cricket, Basketball, Football, Dodgeball, Tag Rugby, Rounders, Hockey and Tennis! Follow the link for more information – Activ8Kids | Primary School PPA Cover and Holiday MultiSports Camps for Children Aged 4 – 12

“Love one another as I have loved you, then everyone will know that you are my disciples”. John 13:34

Our Mission Statement anchors our purposeful learning, so that valued in our uniqueness we nurture our skills and talents to our fullest potential. Our stimulating experiences promote our joy of learning as we thrive, growing in our self-belief, happiness and independence. We inspire and motivate each other to strive for excellence in our increasingly digital world, as we become advocates for our ever-changing future.

We develop our inclusivity and compassion for our global neighbours as we encourage each other in our responsibility to care for God’s world. Together, we build a stronger community through mutual respect of our differences and similarities, celebrating our home in Cymru and our place in the wider world as we Listen, Laugh and Live in the Light of the Lord.

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