Our Teaching Staff

Sarah Ruggeri                         Acting Head teacher and Key Stage Two Teacher   Debbie Luke                            Key Stage Two Teacher                                          Gemma Jones                         Key Stage Two Teacher

Emma Marriott                        Foundation Phase Teacher
Alison Jones                           Cross Phase Teacher

Sali-Ann Preston                    Welsh Peripatetic Teacher
Administrative Support                                                                                                      Jo Whittington                          Administration Officer and Clerk to Governors

Classroom Support

Siân Phillips                        Learning Support Assistant
Donna O’Brien                    Learning Support Assistant
Lynne Austin                       Learning Support Assistant                                            Paulina Jurkiewicz-Davies  Learning Support Assistant

Breakfast Club Support Staff

Mrs Sue Laird                         Cook – in – Charge
Mrs Lynne Austin                    Breakfast Club Supervisor
Miss Siân Phillips                    Breakfast Club Supervisor

Lunchtime Support Staff

Mrs Lynne Austin                    Mid-day Supervisor
Miss Siân Phillips                    Mid-day Supervisor
Catering and Cleaning Staff

Mrs Sue Laird                         Cook – in – Charge

Ms Ann Hughes                     Cleaner in Charge