Pupil Voice

Listening to the voice of our learners is at the forefront of our school ethos, as we believe that it is essential for our learners to embrace the ownership of their own learning, through expressing their views and influencing decisions on all aspects of school life. We are proud of our well-established Pupil Committees, which enable learners to participate fully as active young citizens in their community.

CAFOD (The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) Committee

•   With the support of Debbie Luke, this committee is inspired by the work of the CAFOD global agency , which ensures that no one in the world is beyond reach of the love and care they may need. Their actions include raising funds to support people suffering in hardship, making our voices heard through campaigning and offering prayer for our brothers and sisters living in poverty. Take a look at the CAFOD website for further information – CAFOD – Catholic international development charity

Chaplaincy Committee

  With the support of Debbie Luke, this committee supports the collective worship aspect of our school life. Their responsibility lies with the organisation of these sessions, with a focus upon ensuring due reverence and respect as we gather together in praise. They work alongside Father Johnson, who attends school to celebrate a monthly Mass.

Criw Cymraeg Committee

  With the support of Gemma Mann, this committee is determined to support the drive of the Welsh Government to reach 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050. They actively promote the use of Welsh language within our classrooms, across the school and within our homes, alongside fostering an appreciation of our Welsh culture, as we work towards achieving the Silver Award in the Cymraeg Campus initiative. Take a look at the Welsh Language Charter for further information – WG48543 (gov.wales)

Digi-Wizards Committee
With the support of Sarah Ruggeri, this committee focuses upon supporting our school to embrace the digital world of the 21st Century. Their actions include promoting the use of digital technology so that it can enhance teaching and learning, cascading their digital skills throughout the school, maintaining and updating equipment, and promoting the importance of online-safety to ensure we keep ourselves safe at all times.

Healthy Schools Committee
With the support of Sarah Ruggeri, this committee is proud of the school’s 5* accreditation as an official Welsh Healthy School. In continuing to uphold such high standards, their role lies in encouraging healthy habits for both our physical and mental health through the following aspects of daily life – Food and Fitness; Mental and Emotional Health and Well Being; Personal Development and Relationships; Substance Use and Misuse; Environment; Safety; Hygiene. Take a look at the Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes National Quality Award for further
Information – WG23978 NQA Indicators (nhs.wales)

KiVa Committee
With the support of Debbie Luke, this committee follows the KiVa anti-bullying programme that has been developed in Finland. Their focus lies with preventing and reducing bullying, through increasing awareness and instilling the need for everyone – staff, learners, parents and Governors – to act quickly when incidences of bullying occur. Take a look at the Parents’ Guide for further information – Parents’ guide | KiVa Program

Super Ambassadors Committee
With the support of Gemma Mann, this committee works alongside the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Rocio Cifuentes, in ensuring the protection of all children’s rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Their role is to raise awareness of Children’s Rights within our school, alongside completing special missions which inform the decisions that are made about Children’s Rights in Wales. Take a look at this website for further information – Home – Children’s Commissioner for Wales (childcomwales.org.uk)

“Love one another as I have loved you, then everyone will know that you are my disciples”. John 13:34

Our Mission Statement anchors our purposeful learning, so that valued in our uniqueness we nurture our skills and talents to our fullest potential. Our stimulating experiences promote our joy of learning as we thrive, growing in our self-belief, happiness and independence. We inspire and motivate each other to strive for excellence in our increasingly digital world, as we become advocates for our ever-changing future.

We develop our inclusivity and compassion for our global neighbours as we encourage each other in our responsibility to care for God’s world. Together, we build a stronger community through mutual respect of our differences and similarities, celebrating our home in Cymru and our place in the wider world as we Listen, Laugh and Live in the Light of the Lord.

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