School Development

The Curriculum for Wales is a challenging and ambitious programme for educational reform – raising standards of education and improving learner outcomes is at the heart of this programme.

Our School Development Plan (SDP) is our strategic plan for improvement. This is part of a continuous cycle in which we reflect upon our performance, identify priorities for improvement, develop strategies to address them, take action, then review progress and impact.

It includes how we are addressing the national priorities of:
•  Raising the standards of education in relation to literacy
•  Raising the standards of education in relation to numeracy
•  Reducing the impact of poverty on educational attainment

Our SDP sets out how we will achieve our targets, in relation to these priorities and how we will use the resources available, including grant funding.

Our priorities for the academic year 2023 – 2024 are:
•  Develop challenge for all pupils through consistent and effective teaching
•  Develop robust systems for monitoring the progression and assessment of all learners against Curriculum for Wales
•  Extend the range of opportunities for pupils to apply their numeracy skills across the curriculum

“Love one another as I have loved you, then everyone will know that you are my disciples”. John 13:34

Our Mission Statement anchors our purposeful learning, so that valued in our uniqueness we nurture our skills and talents to our fullest potential. Our stimulating experiences promote our joy of learning as we thrive, growing in our self-belief, happiness and independence. We inspire and motivate each other to strive for excellence in our increasingly digital world, as we become advocates for our ever-changing future.

We develop our inclusivity and compassion for our global neighbours as we encourage each other in our responsibility to care for God’s world. Together, we build a stronger community through mutual respect of our differences and similarities, celebrating our home in Cymru and our place in the wider world as we Listen, Laugh and Live in the Light of the Lord.

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